Friday, August 21, 2009

New Sound - Story

The sun was beginning to set, slowly going behind the mountain. The smoke of the burning houses was blocking the beautiful colors the eye could see. His home country was beginning to burn to the ground when he was dragged out of his home. People's screams stung his ears. Bodies lay everywhere with people kneeling beside them crying out for help, but there was none coming their way. Everyone was worried only about themselves and their families. The chains rattled as a little boy, of about ten years, was dragged into the forest towards the sea. The sea neared and tears streamed down the boy's face. He knew he shouldn't cry but be happy that he was saving his country and his father, who he loved dearly. Knowing that he still had a younger brother and sister, there was still an heir to the throne. How he would miss his home that he hated but loved so much.

The boy began to remember the special memories he had with his family, since it was all that he would have for the rest of his life. The throne was a big chair, to big for the boy to reach but father always lifted his curious son up into the chair. "Daddy can I play with the swords today? Please?" Father would shake his head but looked saddened as he did so. He only wanted to protect his younger boy before the time came when it was to be the other way around, son protecting father. The next day the boy sat in the garden wishing to play with someone. Not his sister and brother, but a friend. How he longed for a friend. He wanted to run free away from the walls that kept him locked inside, for days that went on and on. The one sunny afternoon a younger garden woman came to tend the garden and had brought her daughter and son. The two boys got along well and played everyday, but one day he became very ill and was not seen anywhere among the walls of his home. The boy was left still within the walls where mother gave him comfort for the first time in his life of which he could remember. It was one of his saddest but also one of his happiest days of his life.

Branches slashed and scraped the skin of the ten men and the boy, breaking against the force of the men. Leaves rustled as the wind at their feet swept past them. The ocean was nearing and the boy stopped to look at the glittering ripples and waves it carried. How he loved the sight of the ocean from the books he had looked at, but seeing it first hand was more extraordinary. Judging by the direction of the waves there was a storm, storming up their direction. One of the men yanked the chain, throwing the helpless boy to the ground, with a large thump. All that came out of the men was a grunt.

There was a sweet melody coming from the forest edge. Dimeso la te ma yes, no, maybeso dostlo miakeyto. (Means nothing). The boy had never heard of such a language, so strange yet so beautiful. The ocean and beach were in clear sight as they had reached the edge of the forest.

The ship was within sight, it was an extremely large, old wooden ship, that must have had been passed down from captain to captain. A voice calls out a name, suited for an animal. Not to long after a little girl runs out of the forest with a dog a little ways ahead of her, running into the ocean with a great happy smile. She was the happiest girl in the world the boy had ever seen. The sweet melody came from her lips as she sang it again. She splashed water over the dog then dove under. As she came up for air, the water surrounding her looked as if it were dancing. Her shoulder length black hair waved up from being wet and stuck to her neck. Deep blue eyes like the ocean turned his way and that was when the boy realized the men were eyeing up the little girl. That didn't seem a good sign at all. The boy began to worry for the mysterious girls' safety.

Wet, slimy drool became to form at the mouths of all men. The captain, well who the boy thought was captain, was slowly dragging his left foot in front of his right foot. The captain was the one with the arm chain in his hand and the boys' foot chain was in another mans hand. As the captain began to move forward the chain made a loud snapping noise as the chain had broke. A set of eyes emerged from the water looking in their way. Five of the men were ready to make a run after the little girl. They were now only waiting for the captain's order. The boy now just realizing that his hand chain was free shouted out with all his voice and strength, "RUN... RUN NOW... GET AWAY, WHILE YOU CAN!" and started for a run, to help the girl. Not to long after, he was looking into sand and heard the loud thumping of footsteps run past his ears.

For a while the girl just bobbled up and down in the water trying to make sense of what was happening. The boy's words ran threw her mind once again and seeing the men quickly approaching her, the little girl started to get out of the water. All the boy could do was watch, as the girl ran. Using his upper body strength, the boy struggled to get his foot chain free from the men but there was no use since the men were three times his size, both height and width. The five men that had run off turned around and signaled for the rest of them to help them. The boy figured they had to ask for help since she had incredible speed. They all ran after the girl and left the boy in the sand with no one to keep an eye on him. Once all the men were a good distance away from him, the boy got up and when he started to run the foot chain had snapped. The chains were old and rusty and if they really wanted to capture the boy shouldn't have used.

Dashing through the forest, trying to find the girl heard a cry for help no to far from where the boy was. Picking up his speed a bit he ran towards the cry for help. The men were insight and what looked to be the girl was moving like a wildcat was being held up into the air by her hair. There were no tears from fear and pain. All the girl did was argue and yell for help.

"Let her go!" the boy yelled, grabbing a stick and charging towards the captain. "Let her go right now, or you'll get it." Still charging the stick ahead of him hit the captain, striking threw his leg. Blood was drawing from the captain's leg at full speed. The little girl looked and the blood and her face turned to a color of a blank piece of scroll paper, followed by the term 'fainting'.

"Let's head out boy's," the captain signaled them to the direction of the ship, pushing the boy to the ground as they passed by. "Hurry men, need to set sail before the storm decides to strike us." The boy watch them men walk past him, laughing and kidding with one another. Looking like they were having the time of their lives. As the last man walked the corner of the forest the boy stood up rubbing his butt and it was in a great deal of pain. Not to long after thinking for a bit, the boy dashed through the forest leaving a gust of wind and dirt for the plants and animals.

The water was moving with great anger, shaking the ship, almost knocking it over. As always the ship manage to regain its balance and stay right side up above water. The boy could see short black hair dangling from a man's shoulder as he carried the mysterious girl careless. Still dashing the boy's marked his target in his mind and headed straight for it, not knowing what he was going to do or what was going to happen. All he knew was that he had to get the girl to safety, even if it meant losing his life over.

Tip toeing around the boat and grunting noise came from behind the boys back. Sweat dripping, down the boys face, he knew he wasn't in a good position. Slowly the boy turned to face what happened to be a mere dog looking straight into his eyes. The waves began to wash upon the shore with great force, rocking the dock back and forth. Some of the men stumbled about, but not enough to fall over into the great sea of sound.

The words Dimeso la te ma yes, no, maybeso dostlo miakeyto reappear in the boys mind. The men jump to the deck of the ship and start to release the ropes with the mysterious girl on one of the men's shoulder. It didn't look as if she were going to awake anytime soon. The ship began to depart from the dock. The boy moved his head in every direction possible to look for something to help him. He wasn't quite sure what he was looking for; maybe it was a piece of rope or a boat of some sort. All he knew was he wasn't going to let the men get away with the girl.

Standing there blankly, the boy tried to think. While he was thinking the ship was getting further away. "Arg... I give up." The boy screamed as he jumped into the ocean. Swimming with all his strength (which wasn't much) he darted towards the ship. It was surprisingly going at a slow paste. It was easy to catch up with. Twenty minutes later he caught up with the sip and started to find a ledge he could climb on, to get to the girl. The men saw him and started cursing bad words. Next thing the boy knew he was trying to dodge a hard wooden barrel. He was a little too late and was strike across the head. It was to be the end for him, but he did not care for as long as the girl was to be safe. The boy tried his hardest and died trying to save anther. His father would be proud.

Chapter One
The sun shined it's beautiful light onto the golden fields of wheat. The long green grass moved with the wind creating a peaceful sound. Music to the ears the people in the village would say. Flowers began to bloom, creating color blankets over the hills. The sound of rushing water ran threw the center of the village. The children ran each day to the bridge to see the fish jump freely about. Thu-thunk, the sound of horses rode into the village creating a mini dust storm behind them. Such gentle animals, the horses were.

Friday, July 17, 2009


As the rain falls from the sky,
The tears fall from my eyes.

Hitting the ground,
All around

With not a care in sight,
It makes its path.

This tiny pool of water,
Seems to only to get hotter.

When the story begins to grow,
And only you will know.

Inside this pool
Lie’s emotions we have yet to discover.

Ellen Wookey 2009

Thursday, July 16, 2009


So, I went to find some paper so I could write down a song that I was listening to on CMT. I went for my old storybook and my stories came back to and had caught my eye. I remembering writing them and thinking that they were no good, but after reading them over they aren’t too bad. Though my writing has matured in the story line and direction I would like to write them my spelling and grammar still sucks to this day. I shall post one.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Bad Morning.

Well, I haven’t been writing anything lately since Graveyards are killing me.

I’m hating the sleep through the day thing.

Today has been an off day. When I bent down I ended up hitting my head on the counter giving myself a goose ache.

Also I put my phone in the wash and it no longer works. Yeah me.

Ill post a poem up soon.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Yes, there it is. The twinkle in my eye. That one twinkle I've been waiting for. Oh wait that was just the reflection from the night sky above reflecting off my eyes. It was close, maybe another day that special twinkle will come.
A few nights ago, I was walking home from work. It was a bit chilly outside but man was the sky clear, along with the air which is pretty unusual. I was looking up into the night sky and i go thinking about how many were looking on us and how did such a world come to exist. Some say god created us, some say evolution and others say the world was just there and stuff just happened. There is only one catch though how was earth created to create us and everything around us.
Well Earth was created by gas and so forth but what created that gas, then it goes to the big bang theory, but something had to create the big bang for it to happen. Ive come to my conclusion of "I DON'T BELIEVE IN ABSOLUTE BEGINNINGS" I fully understand that there had to be that one thing to help create the other thing. Man I could go on this subject for a while.
Now how were humans created. The mostly logic way i believe in is that we come from a monkey source. Some say god though, how can something floating around create something that is pulled down with gravity. Hummmmm. Well my conclusion on how we came to be on earth is: 1)Something started on Venus but then the acid rains began to fall so they moved to a different planet thinking earth could have acid rain to they skipped it and landed on Mars but then it was just a little to cold and they could keep the water or anything to stay warm. So then we landed on earth and so far everything is good. Except global warming.
Now to combine both my own solution. We are mearly an experiment put on earth to see how long we could live before dying off. And yes whoever created us is using what we thought was out own invention and that is the television.
My question to you is how do you think humans and Earth came to be?


The sun has been up and it is giving off much needed heat. I hate to say the weather has an effect on mood but it truly does. I feel happier and now that I finally got a better job with more hours, I seem to be heading into a direction. Who knows where it will end up later down the road but … just happier.
There has also been this guy that I just started talking to recently and I am hoping something will come out of it instead of ONLY friends, as the rest seem to be. Through I hope to get off graveyards soon so I’m not sleeping all the time. Well that’s it for this blog.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Tears, tears and more tears all weekend long. #1) Cat had an accident and ruined my bed and blankets so I had to get a new bed, and going to get new blankets next pay period. #2) didn’t graduate so I wanted to go and get drunk but ended up being the sober driver for my cousin and her friends. #3) lost my cell phone and it ended up my cousin’s boyfriend had it. #4) we had to but my 14year old cat Blackie down because of infections and old age. The nice part of the weekend was being able to chill out with my cousin for a little while.

Well I’ve begun graveyard shifts at my new job. I like it but boy do my feet kill me at the end of the night and I am currently emotionally drained. So I hope my feet begin to hurt less as I continue with the graveyard shifts.