Thursday, May 28, 2009


Tears, tears and more tears all weekend long. #1) Cat had an accident and ruined my bed and blankets so I had to get a new bed, and going to get new blankets next pay period. #2) didn’t graduate so I wanted to go and get drunk but ended up being the sober driver for my cousin and her friends. #3) lost my cell phone and it ended up my cousin’s boyfriend had it. #4) we had to but my 14year old cat Blackie down because of infections and old age. The nice part of the weekend was being able to chill out with my cousin for a little while.

Well I’ve begun graveyard shifts at my new job. I like it but boy do my feet kill me at the end of the night and I am currently emotionally drained. So I hope my feet begin to hurt less as I continue with the graveyard shifts.

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