Thursday, March 13, 2008

Past Lives

HAVE........You ever wondered what you were in a past life? A mysterious yet interesting thing one likes to know. You look on to the life you are currently living and out of the blue wonder what you were like once upon a time or what you are going to be once you pass on. I sometime wonder what the world held for me before or what i did to help create what we see or know around us now. The current me thinks to much about the world around me, what the world could be, what I could be and yet is so fascinated with her surroundings. I love to explore and learn about new things and places. Could these help me discover who I was in a past life?
I've taken a variety of online tests and quizzes. The most part they all say something different. Some said who I was, where I live and qualities I had. All seemed to have one thing in common: Adventurer/Explorer. Makes you think doesn't it.....well it did for me. I could see myself as an explorer. Seeing the world and new places does fascinates me. The i got thinking you do answer the question that fit with your current self. So the question I ask you is can you really find out or know who you were in a past life? If you could what would you be? If you've taken tests what did yours say? and what are you thoughts?
Hummmmmmm life is weird and interesting.

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