Friday, March 14, 2008


I just got a letter in the mail today. Some of you are thinking it's just a letter and nothing is interesting about a letter. You're wrong......Know why because a letter to me means allot. It's more personal and special than some e-mail some one wrote in a few seconds. A letter can contain anything without the worry of a third party reading it as well. I know that the letter could get lost and your parents may read it, but I'm pretty sure you know what I mean. The thought of knowing that someone sat down and actually thought of what to write and express is a special thing in it's self. Now, don't get me wrong the e-mail is more convenient but just think back about 50 to 60 years ago when that letter was life a death to someone. I probably extracted on the year time line because it wasn't till the 80's the home computers started to come about.
Anyways to continue on about the letter I got. As some may know, others may not. I love to write. I can say I'm not great it because I can never find just the right way to get what is in my head on paper or put into the right words. I entered a poem on a site called it was called Autumn Leaves. I just entered it for the heck of it, thinking nothing of it. But.......drum roll please.........It's going to be published. Yeah me. Also it has made it as a semi-finalist for the top poems.
Some may think the same why my mom did. "Oh it's just a poem being published on the Internet." not all the excited for me. But it means allot to me even if they place random poems in the book because i know that someone out in the world is going to read my poem and get something out of it.

Autumn Leaves
The beautiful autumn leaves
Fall before my window
In a brilliance of beautiful colors
Every day I look out
Seeing the trees wave their arms proudly,
Making the ground
A sheet of glowing gold,
Blazing fire of magnificent red and orange,
And speckled flowers,
Of brown and greens of all shades
Nothing I see can beat the
Beauty of the autumn leaves
Ellen Wookey
Please leave some thoughts about this posting. Also if you want to read some more of my poems you can either ask me to post them or you can check some out at

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Anonymous said...

Your doing a really good job with your blogs :) You could totally write a book and call it "Mooneyes' Thoughts From the Heart" or something like that. I'd totally read it :P Anywayz, keep up the good work!!

-Jess aka SingerQueen