Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Life for Me

The snow does not want to go away. It was only less than a week ago that it was last snowing. The white fluffy flakes fall before my eyes and fell to the ground. It didn’t stay to long but it was enough not to let the other snow on the ground melt away. Did PG do something to upset what ever force that lets is snow? Some times I think that. The last few day have been a bit warm and fun. I’ve walked everyday for the last few weeks so I’m finally feeling I have some energy again. The winter looks to be over but the process of the spring season doesn’t seem to exist, but instead we are heading right into the summer season.

I’m stressing a bit lately because of the end of school year coming up behind me. Exams are starting the burn the hole in the textbooks. Yeah text books. All I need is more knowledge to enter one side and tiptoe out the other.

I am thrilled to say, moving time is beginning to climb the steps to my doorway. My cousin have been so wonderful to let me stay with them during the summer to work. I need to save up for a Variety of things like school, a trip, a truck and a possibility of moving out when two Septembers pass. I know I will not get bored to much because I will have some buds down there and I will have my cousins, work and and exercise plan. Lots to do and seems like it is so little time.

Finally my neighbour and her BF have had some time to actually hang out and be together as a couple. 8 months of going out and stuff seems to be moving along nicely. Life is going pretty smoothly and predicable. Nice to finally have some time to be able to write this entry.

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