Monday, March 31, 2008

My Big Mouth and Me

Can you see the cave? I can and that is a sad thing becuase the cave in my mouth. The rock blocking the entrance never stays in it's proper place when is needed. I have trouble saying what i want to express most days just to the general public but yesterday just didn't seem to be the case.
Most people have had to work with people, costumers most likely. Well my job, which was not where I was planning to work, involves dealing with people all 8hours a shift. Both front counter and drivethru. People can be rude and then again so can I so most of the time I don't say anything because it is my fault if I get their order messed up. (Work and Timmie's) But, I mean but. ARRRRRRGGGGGG PEOPLE
Now this is where the cave begins to open it's entrance way. "I SAID I HAD A ROLL UP TAB" "I'm sorry sir" "I SAID IT AT THE FRIGGING BEGINNING" .................................... "YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE RUDE" "Ya he was rude".....................VROOOOOOOMMMMMMM (away he goes). My co-worker was the orange, the costumer was the yellow and i was the red.
No frigging costumer has a right to yell and swear at my co-worker. He went way to far... don't you agree. He ended up driving off all pissed off, so now I'm waiting to see if I hear it from my boss. But I did end up sticking up for her. If he was a valuable costumer he has to know how to respect us and know we are doing our best. OH MY GOD my day was ruined. I know i shouldn't have told him to stop being rude, but ya.

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