Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Living in a fantasy world!

Don't you need to get away sometimes? And there is no where to really go? It's hard and those friends you do have never help ease the feelings that have come about. The heart is so fragile and it is easy to break. When you feel lonely, who will you think of first? Or what will you think of first? Disappearing into an unknown reality seems to be the answer. When my mood keeps flying, chasing anything there is, and trying to find a bit of comfort, I tend to turn to Glowtowaz.
There is Bobby, White, Demetra, 1st princess, 2nd princess, evil me, good me and Unknown. When darkness falls upon Glowtowaz, I try to be there to brighten it back up into the happy glittering world that I have made it to be. In my world there is endless forests and mountains to surround the crystal ice palace where my room is. Oh! Don't forget the butterflies the poop rainbows (Horton Hears a Who).
Glowtowaz is a place I can go and find the happiness I am missing in reality. I dream of love that raises me to my limits and shows me the world I am missing. On the opposite coast of sadness, there is something called a smile, in which I look for. In Glowtowaz I find no reason to run away because I go and look for the one summer's day.
In reality we all seem to slip through the crowds but what few of us do is look up into the sky and realize we are forever going to be under it together. I probably don't know everything about all of you but there are no fights that will not be hard and we cannot live forever. Happiness that I find in Glowtowaz and the sadness I find in reality are all lies if I cannot express or be myself. Being able to turn to Glowtowaz is part of healing for me. If you only press your ear to my world, maybe you can see what I mean by living in a fantasy world.

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