Thursday, May 28, 2009

Snow In May

I stare out my window and I see a white sheet coving the once green grass. Oh wait……IT’S SNOW. It is now May 20th, 2009 and we just had a 12cm snowfall. In a way it makes me frustrated because I do enjoy the sun and would rather prefer the rain, and instead it snows. Snow is wonderful don’t get me wrong but when you have it from October- April already you don’t need it an extra month.

Well besides the snow I am thrilled for my cousin that is coming for a visit. It’s been to long since we last hung out. She was supposed to be coming for my graduation of my diploma but things changed and we are going to chill for a day. She is also bring me one of the drama’s I am obsessed about. Well signing out for now to do a lot of running around

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