Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Outdoor Pictures

Love, and I'll repeat it again. I LOVE being outside. Doesn't matter where or when, I still love it. The best place to be outside is out in my long backyard. Well not "MY" backyard. It's a never ending Field. I'm sure it ends but I have walked 2hours one way and yet have to seen an end. The beauty of what the outside world has to offer is magical. You're mind can wonder, create a new world with what you see. Being outside helps me think and just get away without having to think where I'm going. I can walk for hours. The fresh air piling into my lungs and the sweet sent of pine filling my noes. Wonder full isn't it! Now I cannot forget the breath taking view you can see and the animals surrounding you.

Many ponds along the trails, one known as the skating pond, the other know as the beaver pond because in the spring there is a good dozen of them or more. Now while being outside I love to bring my camera with me. (I can say I'm a bit of a photo freak.:P) Some people love the walk along with the view but I love capturing the view I take because i can hold t forever. Just recently I was walking in the Field for about 3hours and took many picture. I was lucky not to come across a cougar because there was a warning issued saying about 5 cougars spotted in different places in the city.
Ive posted up some photos I took. If you want to see some more Comment and ill send you a link to the rest or ill post some up for you to view.

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