Friday, March 21, 2008


For days and sometime even weeks and months you've known about test. They are so frustrating and they hurt. Cramming is never fun so that why I try not to do it, but i feel that i hit the books and study my ass off for many hours in a day and it does nothing. I MEAN NOTHING. Stress, sleep deprived, moody, and bad eating habits are all symptoms of studying.
I hate studying but if I don't, I don't do very well at all. When I sit down to begin writing the test, I look at all the questions and I feel like I'm the stupidest person on earth. I know nothing, what good was all my studying for. I just finished a midterm and a test and man, my head hurts and I'm tired and feeling like I can't do anything right.
My way of learning is not text form. I learn by doing things. You can easily see it in my grades for two of my different classes. One is on policy and it's all text information, the other class is role play and counselling skills. Well to practice the counselling skills you role play it so it sticks into your mind better. A "c" to an "a". Now I really don't know my grades but ya. There is a huge difference.

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